Launch High School

Reinventing High School

The school you never thought possible is coming soon...


The conversations are happening among Colorado educators and designers... How do we reinvent high school? How do we change our delivery methods and teaching models to better prepare our students to be influential members of a rapidly evolving society?

One charter school has tackled that challenge head-on, turning these questions into an active mission. Launch High School is new, free charter school in Colorado geared towards young entrepreneurs and business-minded high school students. They aim to redefine the high school education track and instill academic knowledge paired with real-world skills and an understanding of a student's role in a bigger community picture. Launch has envisioned an environment that allows students to create and capitalize on opportunities in pursuit of their passions towards social and economic prosperity.

This innovative program is personalized for each student, is project-based and focuses intensely on problem solving skills. The idea is to give students the essential tools for success so that they can define success in their own way that follows the direction of the future they want for themselves - whether that be academically, socially or financially.

A Launch-er embodies the powers of entrepreneurship, self-direction, passion, risk, innovation and tenacity. In compliance with the Post-Secondary & Workforce Ready (PWR) requirements, students will explore a wide array of technology, engineering, digital arts, business, health science, career planning and life skills courses in conjunction with core subject classes. Students are also given the opportunity to develop their own 'electives' and can pursue credits in an area of interest by utilizing community resources. Plus, could you imagine having started your first business AND received your high school diploma all at the same time? That dream is an everyday reality through the Launch High School program.


CRP Architects was brought on as the design team for the future home of Launch High School. While the program is being offered to 9th and 10th graders in August 2016 at a temporary location and then adding 11th and 12th graders by August 2018, the planning for this dynamic facility is underway. As a design team, we've been rapidly developing up-to-the-minute concepts. Together with Launch, we've been exploring the possibilities of combining 21st Century learning spaces, small/large collaboration spaces, presentation surfaces, private work areas, MakerSpace labs, access to technology and flexible rooms/furniture. In the world of education architecture, our firm has been researching the 'future of high school design' for years and are excited to see these conversations coming to life. Below are some preliminary schematic renderings developed for Launch to help drive the process of creating an environment for their programs to flourish and inspire. The official construction start date is still to be determined. 

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