We have been through this process with other entities, and what stands out to our team is the collaboration CRP brings to the process. Not only do the architects attend weekly design meetings with our staff, they have consultants and contractors at the table as well, so the entire team is making decisions and discussing consequences at the same time, resulting in a more efficient process.
— Melissa Andrews, School Planning & Construction Manager
The bottom line for me, as I look at what CRP is doing for our schools and community is that CRP listens closely, establishes trust with both our internal and external stakeholders, and consistently delivers.
— Cheryl Wangeman, Assistant Superintendent
I saw a huge difference in the kids once we opened the new school. They LOVED their school and they were proud of it. I felt like they were more engaged and that we had a vastly more collaborative learning model because we had so much collaborative space. Kids also love to hang out there and do their work, even after school. Sky Vista was warm and inviting and kids can feel that.
— Tony Poole, Former Principal
The Cheyenne Mountain community is often described as more like a “small town” rather than a suburban neighborhood in a much larger city because of its history, tradition, and sense of community. The Cheyenne Mountain School District is at the core of this culture, so our schools are important not only to the students, parents, and staff who are directly impacted, but also to all community members. The schools designed by CRP Architects have resulted in buildings that only enhance this pride. The only downside is that our community now can’t wait for the “next” CRP project to replace our remaining original buildings.
— Dr. Walt Cooper, Superintendent
Creating a building to be a home for the countless firefighters that will inhabit its walls for 24 hours a day, providing them comfort and meeting all of their needs to ensure the safety of the citizens can be a challenging endeavor at best. CRP skillfully embraced the arduous task of designing and overseeing the relocation of Fountain Fire Station #1 without hesitation, and intuitively added character, details, and personal touches, that were not specifically requested, but much needed.
— Darin Anstine, Fire Chief
Soda Creek is just as much a part of our community as it is our education system. We host the City’s After School Program each day and a School Days Off Program through the City when we don’t have school. Our building also gets used for various purposes outside of school programs, for example, Girl Scouts, Wyld Life (Middle School program of Young Life), Parenting Series through our early childhood advisory council, indoor soccer, and many others.
— Michele Miller, Principal


Mr. Boyd Williams, CEO

Pikes Peak YMCA


Mr. Darin Anstine, Fire Chief

Stratmoor Hills Fire Department


Dr. Tony Poole

Assistant Superintendent, Support Services for Cherry Creek Schools


Mr. Todd Evans, Deputy City Manager

City of Fountain


Mr. Bill Elder, Sheriff

El Paso County


Dr. Walt Cooper, Superintendent

Colorado Springs School District 12


Mr. Kevin Kaveney, Managing Partner

Northwestern Mutual


Collyn Florendo, Bank President

Bank of Colorado


I believe that Cimarron Middle School, along with all of our schools in the community, are a hub for students, parents and community members to participate in growing our youth and socializing.
— Christopher Zimmerman, Principal
CRP has been a long standing partner of Fountain Fort Carson School District 8 and the community has benefited from beautiful schools and functional facilities that staff, students and families are proud of.
— Montina Romero, Assistant Superintendent